You are a Private Lender – Commercial

Using a commercial private lender is a great way to privately fund either your commercial business or prospect or your residential project. Specializing in non-conventional in commercial and residential loans for over 25 years has given us the knowledge and real-estate experience to flexibly fund loans in a swift manner that would take ages to receive from other lenders. Our goal is to give borrowers or businesses that don’t necessarily fit the traditional requirements for lending, the ability to qualify regardless of what type of loan they want to acquire.

Most often banks and institutional lenders have strict underwriting guidelines that are put in place, either because of a current recession or other economic reasons, and so getting a loan through traditional avenues may not always be accessible. Even those who have non-bankable loans are welcome to qualify as we want to help even those in special situations.

As a personal lender I have funded thousands of residential and commercial loans, some conventional and others not so much, with flexibility and the borrower in mind. We are currently looking to expand out even further into investing and privately lending into small businesses in the following areas:

  1. Manufacturing,
  2. Distribution,
  3. Wholesaling,
  4. Commercial Services such as Janitorial, Landscaping, Staffing, Contractors, and Sub-Contractors),
  5. Government Services and
  6. Product Providers.

We cater to small businesses that may have trouble getting a loan because of the following reasons:

  1. Nee it for Unconventional Transactions (Not Plain Vanilla),
  2. Have Credit Issues,
  3. Need it swiftly (as conventional loans is a lengthy process),
  4. Have underperforming assets,
  5. Or need a discount due to economic downturns.

There may be other reasons that a small business may seek a private lender, and the above are only some of the reasons, thus please contact us if you have additional circumstantial hardships as we would love to hear from you.

As a private lender, we want to see small businesses thrive and sometimes getting privately owned loans is one of the better ways to go in order to do that. So if you are a small business who wants a creative approach to your lending, wants equity based lending, or a loan that has minimal paperwork and can close fast, then we are the people for you!

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I have Money available for 2nd mortgages

There are many reasons to look into a private lender for financing, whether it is for a business, or a residential property. A lot of the time you will become capped on the amount of financing that you can have if you already own a residential or commercial property (or both!), just simply because you become a higher risk to the big lending institutions. A lot of the time the bigger lending institutions will not approve loans for those who do not hold an excellent credit score, or who may already own several properties for fear that the individual will default on one of their payments. Now this does not always happen, but it is likely, especially if you own multiple properties, say one business and one residential, despite being able to prove sufficient income.

For individuals looking to borrow that require financing payment options, whether it be for commercial or residential reasons, we have a lot of financing plans that are affordable and suitable for those who may not be of high income, or may not have the greatest credit score. Working capital should be available to everyone who has the skills to earn an income and provide for themselves and their families, and sometimes loans are required in order to start up a small business, or finance a small home mortgage. As individuals looking to borrow, please note that there are options out there for those who want refinancing for mortgages, home renovation projects, and conventional and collateral mortgages through financing programs.

Unfortunately financing programs tend to have high interest rates that are devastating when accrued, but luckily it becomes a lot more affordable if you get qualified through a private lender as the interest rates can be negotiated and financing plans created specifically tailored to the individual depending on their loan need, and interest of property.

Even if you are a small business wanting to expand or get into other commercial services or offer more products to your customers and therefore require an expansion or a small loan for better equipment, there are financing options for individuals of this nature as well.

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I need to speak with a Private Lender

There are many individuals, couples and even full families who have been affected greatly by marginalization. Now this can be marginalization from big banks, or corporate entities, and lending institutions who now consider themselves powerless in obtaining second mortgages and other types of financing. Fortunately private lending does allow a lot of these families to get out of marginalization as options do exist for people who are looking for second mortgages, debt consolidation or even home renovation to increase home equity. As a private lender looking to utilize the funds that I have available, I want to be able to help those who feel like they have been rendered powerless by the big lending institutions.

Regardless of whether you have had trouble in the past with debt or bankruptcy that has abolished your credit score, I am willing to take a look at the circumstances and the value in lending to those with residential properties. Specifically speaking, the areas of interest include second or third mortgages, so those who want to refinance their residential home for various reasons, and are even interested in collateral mortgages. If you are looking to have a collateral mortgage, then the portfolio will allow you to borrow without registering a new mortgage – although the stipulations of these types of mortgages will require full understanding prior to the signing of the lending agreement. Restructured financing is also available for those who are looking to change their mortgage around.

Furthermore, as a personal lender, I also have interest in home renovation and construction projects. So if you are looking to increase the equity in your home, then borrowing from a private lender is a great route to go if you have been marginalized by the bigger institutions.

In addition to this, I am also interested in cottages and unique properties that are residential and my firm can use stop power of sale if need be. We also deal with tax arrears and would love to help out anyone who is looking for debt consolidation and ways to improve their credit score.

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